Kinetic Hermeneutic Surface Device


Architecture communicates the possibility for observers of recognizing themselves as complete with the notion of life and death within the Day of the Dead Society. This recognition is not merely one of semantic equivalence, rather it occurs in experience of the space.

While the visitors journey through the building, they encounter various stages hosting micro performances. Each stage waits to be activated with the presence of the audience.

The kinetic hermeneutic surface device has the ability to shape the space as well as to cover or expose what is there. It allows a manipulation of the performance and interaction. It is the processes of distortion, originating from morphing by strings and lights. Its operational function is revelatory. The ongoing transitions between contraction and dilation allows a change in visual porosity. As a reactive surface to environment, it can be provoked and intesified in its actions. Experience is multifold and relies on the interpretation.