Degeneration: Series of non-aesthetic, genetic mutations


“Village” and “North” explore the idea of supernatural through digital photography, collage and 3D rendering. Within these animated gif images the focus is on the use of strict geometric and synthetic form to contrast against the interior space or the landscape in which they are manifested; a comparison of languages.

The “Village” is a highly warm and intimate place; an archetypical home. It is a composition of belongings and memories. Within this rather natural setting, an aggressive alien body is captured. This is a test to understand the digitalization of our surroundings through very basic use of geometry and reflection and the native tools of contemporary digital design that we use to create meaning and manipulation in architecture.

The natural landscape of the “North” can be seen as the most ancient of symbolic languages. It is the original set of symbols that was created to communicate; the original data. Focusing on the landscape and the modern language, the aim is to investigate our navigation between the real and the unreal and how it affects our perception of the world around us all socially, emotionally and physically.